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Test nhanh cái nào

Bài gửi by BoyMienTay on Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:12 pm

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1. Who are all ________ people?
(A) this
(B) those
(C) them
(D) that
2. I don’t know ________ people.
(A) many
(B) much
(C) a lot
(D) few
3. We live near ________ the river.
(A) of
(B) from
(C) by
(D) -
5. John is a good worker: he works very ________.
(A) hardly
(B) hard
(C) good
(D) many
6. Let’s ________ a party!
(A) do
(B) have
(C) set
(D) make
7. The radio’s much too loud: please turn it ________.
(A) out
(B) low
(C) up
(D) down
8. – Would you like some sugar?
- Yes, please, just ________.
(A) a little
(B) little
(C) a few
(D) few
16. They say he has ________ money.
(A) a lot of
(B) plenty
(C) lots
(D) many
17.What exercise do you like doing ……… of all?
(a) next
(b) best
(c) after
(d) before
18.I ……… don’t know how to learn new words by heart.
(a) some time
(b) sometimes
(c) something
19.You must admit flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing ……….
(a) expres​sion(b) experience
(c) expertise
20.Excuse me I ……… if you can help me.
(a) expect
(b) hope
(c) believe
(d) wonder
21.What ……… to be the trouble?
(a) ought
(b) looks
(c) seems
(d) tries

29.Now let’s go ……… to our weather forecaster, Mary.
(a) on
(b) out
© over
(d) against
30……… me what did you do at the weekend?
(a) Say
(b) Speak
© Announce
(d) Tell
31.Mike: I like anything to do with sport. ………
(a) Have you?
(b) Did you?
© Do you?
(d) Are you?
32.Mike: ‘I just can’t make my mind up. What do you think?’
Jane: ‘………’
(a) You’re up to it.
(b) It’s up to you.
© You’re up for it.
(d) You’re up at it.
33.Jill: ‘I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do.’
Frank: ‘………’
(a) Take it free.
(b) Take it easy.
© Take it light.
(d) Take it relaxed.

39.I’m sure there’s no secret between ___
a. you and I.
b. you and me.
40.Hemingway and Steinbeck are excellent writers, but I prefer ___
a. the last
b. the latter
41.Can you hear what he is …….?
(a) saying
(b) speaking
(c) telling
(d) talking
42.I ……. TV yesterday evening.
(a) saw
(b) looked
(c) viewed
(d) watched
43.He is looking ……. a present to buy his girlfriend.
(a) for
(b) at
(c) in
(d) on
44.I only ……. one mistake in last night’s test.
(a) made
(b) done
(c) did
(d) make

51. They don’t need any help. They can do it _____ .
c.their own
52. He _____ drink whisky, but he does now.
a.used to
b.wasn’t used to
c.hadn’t use to
d.didn’t use to
53. It’s wrong. You_____ do it.
a. shouldn’t to
c.don’t have to
54. When is he coming? I _____ for over an hour.
a.am waiting
b.have waited
c.was waiting
have been waiting
55. I’m tired _____ questions.
a.to answer
b.that I answer
c.because of to answer
d.of answering
9. My father is ________ man.
(A) an old
(B) a old
(C) not young
(D) not an young
10. Millions of cigarettes ________ every year.
(A) is smoke
(B) are smoking
(C) are smoked
(D) are smoke
11. I ……… go to see the doctor last week because I was very ill.
B.must to
C.had to
12.I only want ……… little sugar in my tea, please.
A. a
B. the
C. such
13……… is that sitting over there in the corner?
B. Whom
14.I ……… her every day and she never says hello to me.
(a) A.see
(b) B.am seeing
© C.will see
15.If I win the lottery, I ……… buy you a very big car as a present.
C. am
22.I expect you think I’m ……… because I don’t understand that.
(a) dumb
(b) stupid
© deaf
(d) crazy
23.So did you give the book to ………?
(a) his
(b) him
© he
24………. does that car belong to?
(a) Who
(b) Which
© Whose
25.Once there was a young man who called ……… Icarus.
(a) myself
(b) himself
© herself
26.Anna is ……….
(a) teacher
(b) teachers
© a teacher
(d) one teacher
27.The pencils and paper ……… on your desk.
(a) to be
(b) is
28.Yesterday ……… was very sunny outside.
(a) he
(b) it
© she
34.My desk is a ………; I should clean it.
(a) messy
(b) slob
(c) mess
(d) sloppy
35.She likes ……… running.
(a) go
(b) to go
(c) gone
(d) goes
36.…….. one of you is coming to my house later?
(a) Who
(b) Which
(c) Why
(d) How
37.I live in the big house ……… the corner.
(a) on
(b) in
(c) of
(d) to
38.John: ‘Thank you so much.’
Sue: ‘………‘
(a) No problem.
(b) Any problem.
(c) A problem.
(d) Some problem.


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